Saridjo Imports offers popular cool products for lifestyle's needs. From AC car phone holder to maternity pool loungers! The retailers that we work with are critical to helping us spread our various unique products to our customers around the world. Saridjo Imports consistently develops and delivers innovative products that capture consumer interest and bring in higher revenues and more customers to your store.

US Wholesale Applicants:

To complete the online US application, you will need: 

•Valid state business license
•A description of selling locations: we work with variety drugstores, baby, maternity, accessories stores and select e-commerce retailers. We are not currently looking for drop ship partners or sellers on major e-commerce platforms (amazon, ebay, etc..) 

All authorized Saridjo™ products' resellers have a responsibility to ensure ongoing compliance with the below policies & requirements to maintain their authorized status. Please review the Requirements & Responsibilities. 

*To apply please upload a copy of your business/reseller license (if applicable) and fill out the form below:

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